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Let's Talk

IT Asset Relocation
and Deployment

Whether it's across city lines or country borders, our team of expert movers will help you every step of the way. It's not just door-to-door service, we're getting it done from rack-to-rack.

Did you know?

A large portion of asset relocation involves items containing sensitive information. If assets are going to be destroyed, such as computers, clear the hard drives first. What level of security is necessary to protect sensitive information? What are the security protocols? Is an observer required to watch the assets being crated on site and loaded on to the waiting truck? It's important to ask the right questions to your vendor. 

Choose SPW as your trusted partner to relocate and redeploy your valuable IT assets

When it comes to any business's growth, there comes a time for expansion or downsizing to accommodate the business strategy. One potential byproduct of meeting these changes is in relocating and redeploying IT equipment.

In the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, businesses worldwide are forced to adapt to new standard operating procedures. This includes downsizing regional offices or relocating entire departments from offices to homes and from one country to another.

This major challenge demands your team to do adapt to new workflows, gain technical knowledge all within strict time and budget constraints. No doubt, this is a complex process to undertake.

What is IT Asset Relocation?

In a nutshell, an IT Asset Relocation process includes:

Your Executive and IT teams need to be fully prepared to handle the complexities in the project implementation to avoid any pitfalls.

  • Creating a complete inventory of your company's IT assets
  • Making decisions to upgrade, keep, or dispose of your existing equipment
  • Mapping out a logistics plan that secures your equipment throughout the process
  • Training your team with the knowledge of safe asset management (or)
  • Delegating the process to a trusted and experienced third-party vendor (recommended)
  • Re-install the equipment and ensuring that downtime is minimized as much as possible
  • Set up your business at the new location and complete the operation

Hire a Specialist to do the Heavy-Lifting

Moving your IT assets from one location to another requires detailed planning. Most IT teams aren't equipped nor trained for it. With IT assets being the lifeblood of a company, it's important for your business that you delegate the task to professionals.

Gain peace of mind by working with a specialist. You can avoid short notice disruptions by planning ahead of time.

This is also the perfect time to do a complete audit of your equipment and IT hardware. 

Why you need SPW's professional movers to help you relocate your IT assets

Remember to research your IT vendors thoroughly to avoid a data breach down the line.

  • Specialist IT asset movers are trained to dismantle, pack, and reassemble all types of IT equipment
  • Relocate safely with secure packaging from rack-to-rack
  • Streamline communication by working with one dedicated staff for your business's regional needs
empty office with desktop computers

The Complexities of IT Asset Relocation and Redeployment

Inventory Management

In most cases, existing IT teams are not adequately trained nor equipped to manage such an intensive exercise. One of the more laborious tasks is taking inventory and testing your equipment. That includes your laptops, desktops, servers, hard drives, and storage devices to name a few. You can learn more about how we conduct an IT Asset Audit here.

Business Evaluation

Once that's completed, you'll find in your inventory equipment listed as faulty, needs upgrading or are completely worn out. The next step would be to evaluate if the asset has any buyback value and plan for secure disposals.

This could also be an opportunity for you to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. If you're looking to give back to a community in need, you should still take the necessary precautions before donating your IT equipment. Visit our IT Asset Donation and Deployment service for more information.

Secure Disposals

When it comes to your data, you should never opt for the "easy way out". Never forget, your device contains highly-sensitive data regarding your company and your customers. Secure data destruction and sustainable disposals are long-term investments for your business and brand value.

Remember, you have invested a lot into your business so you should never risk increasing the chances for a data breach to happen. Read more about your options and how you can securely erase and destroy your data on our solutions page here.

woman using multiple screen multiple devices

Value Opportunities

After you've securely removed the data from your IT assets, you can now confidently look into the assets' value-back opportunities. Your old and broken IT equipment doesn't have to be "in the red" as they could be refurbished, resold, or donated.

The profits from the sale could then be used to manage other aspects of your IT relocation and redeployment process. Click here to read more about keeping your budget committee happy through IT Asset Remarketing.

Avoiding Downtime

One of the critical steps in the relocation process is the safe disconnection of your IT equipment. Having a knowledgeable technician with experience in de-racking and managing each server cable is the key to a safe unplug.

Your IT team will need to spend a considerable amount of time on this if you seek to do it all in-house. That scope isn't limited to removing and reinstalling the equipment. Ensure your networks, servers, and devices are configured correctly and that your business doesn't suffer from serious downtime.

Most companies find the entire process overwhelming and too daunting to execute by themselves. Especially as they lack both time and resources. This is why we recommend that you employ the services of a specialized company with extensive experience in the field.

By partnering with SPW, you can be sure that we have the capacity and capabilities to handle the relocation and redeployment of IT assets regardless of the project's size.

SPW's IT Asset Relocation and Redeployment Services

Our IT asset relocation and redeployment service can help minimize disruptions to your business. We'll safely relocate your hardware and help you decrease the risks and limit the inconvenience caused by a relocation exercise. Leave it to our experts so you can focus on the more important parts of your day-to-day and keeping your customers happy

field engineer working data center servers technician

Safe Disassembly and Transit

Our team of specialists are trained to do this from rack-to-rack. They'll properly disassemble any kind of equipment and pack them so that they're adequately protected from damage during transit. They will also help you get your equipment up and running in your new office in the shortest possible time.

Secure Data Erasure and Redeployment

We are skilled at creating detailed plans for the safe relocation and redeployment of your IT assets. Not only are we adept at inventory management, but also in helping you recycle, refurbish, and resell any old or retired IT equipment that you may no longer need. We ensure that all of your sensitive data and information is erased completely and is practically irrecoverable before redeploying your retired assets.

The SPW Advantage

Our services are compliant with global regulatory and security standards. We take the utmost care to ensure that we don't harm the environment in any way when we dispose of or refurbish your retired IT assets. We can provide you with quick and accurate estimates of the value of your equipment so you can easily decide if it makes better sense to relocate, recycle, or resell them.

SPW's Data Center Relocation Services

A data center relocation involves moving your data center equipment to a new physical address or to a different location in the same building. As with any project, this requires extensive planning to address critical details.

You can always rely on SPW's professional data center relocation services to aid you in planning, transit, and delivery of your systems to the new location. The last thing you'd like to happen is server downtime and disrupted transactions to your business. That's where our team of specialists can come in to help. We're adept at providing the technical support your project needs to ensure your systems can go back into operation with minimal disruptions.

We've had the pleasure of assisting businesses of varying sizes and needs in relocating their servers and data centers. Allow us to help you create a relocation plan that is customized to your specific needs and budget while meeting your business objectives.

Our team will schedule and coordinate all the moving parts including transportation, site evaluation, and technical support. We'll keep you informed and ensure that everything is on track at every step of the process — because your peace of mind is our priority.

How We Work

Step 1: Audit and Inspection

You've determined to retire your unused IT assets. Once you've scheduled a meeting with one of our representatives, we will work closely with you on the following:

  1. 1
    Logistics and Decommissioning
  2. 2
    IT Asset Audit
  3. 3
    Mobile Device Audit
  4. 4
    Ascertaining Security Risks and Procedures

Step 2: Security Services

Once we've audited your IT assets, we can now move to the secure decommissioning process. That includes taking extra precautionary steps.

We have security procedures in place against threats that might harm your brand's reputationWe'll discuss this detail in private.

Step 3: Accreditation

We'll supply you with full audit reports and documentation. This includes tailored reports needed by your Head of Departments. Should your Finance or Compliance team need specific contracts, we've got that ready too.

Step 4: Adaptive Green Solutions

You can choose from a range of sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for your retired IT assets. Here's an example:

  1. 1
    Recycling for 'Beyond Economic Repair' Equipment
  2. 2
    IT Asset Remarketing
  3. 3
    Employee Buyback Programmes
  4. 4
    IT Asset Donation and Deployment Programmes

Certificates & Commitment

  • Certificates & Compliance

  • Environmental Commitment

  • Social Responsibility

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National Association for Information Destruction

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Gold Partner for Secure Data Erasure

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Other Services

There are 2 methods to remove data from IT devices. Learn why you shouldn't take the easy way out with your personal and high-risk data.

Auditing can be daunting and overwhelming. Let us help you audit your IT assets either on-site at your premise or off-site at our facilities.

Our goal is to refurbish and recycle used IT equipment safely. All while protecting your company data and the environment.

Moving across city, state, or country lines? We can get it done for you safely and securely from rack-to-rack. 

Want to do your part for the community? We'll help you achieve your CSR goals while ensuring your equipment are safe to deploy.

Every phase in IT lifecycle management comes with its associated risks. We have stringent measures in place for each critical juncture.

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