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IT Asset Disposal

Our goal is to refurbish and recycle used IT equipment. All the while protecting the environment and of course your company data.

Did you know?

E-waste is the world's fastest-growing domestic waste due to high consumption rates, short lifecycles, and limited repair options. It is also a health and environmental hazard. In 2019, 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste was generated worldwide — a 21% increase in only five years — but only 17.4% of it was collected for refurbishments or recycling efforts while most were discarded and burned. In that year alone, Asia generated the most volume of e-waste (approx. 24.9 Mt) followed by the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. 


The Importance of IT Asset Disposal to Your Business

IT asset disposal can be defined as removing your long-term IT assets from your business's accounting records. The decision to dispose of your IT equipment often include factors that may or may not add to your short-term value. 

It's important to remember that your bottom line priority in ITAD must always be to minimize risks to your brand which are: Data security (improperly sanitized drives) and Environmentally improper recycling.

SPW currently work with all three categories. Working with Fortune 500 companies worldwide for the past 20 years has given us the industry experience you've come to expect from an IT asset lifecycle partner.

Gartner divides ITAD services into three high-level categories

Remember to research your IT vendors thoroughly to avoid a data breach down the line.

  • Core Disposition Services; activities generally associated with the removal and disposal/disposition of IT assets.
  • Acquisition Services; offering opportunities to acquire used equipment.
  • Ancillary Services; optional services that may or may not add material value.

Quick Introduction to Our ITAD Service

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is the disposal or retirement of IT assets. This is a key part of any IT Asset Management program. As a vital part of any IT management lifecycle, we fully understand the needs of IT managers when handling end-of-life IT assets. 

As the leading provider of ITAD services in the region, we incorporate the highest standards of best practices within the industry to ensure environmental and data security compliance.

SPW ITAD Service

Our IT Asset Disposal service offers bespoke solutions to address key considerations.

  • Data Security
  • Customized Schedules
  • Auditing and Validation
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Defined and Documented Procedures
  • Environmentally-Friendly Disposal and Recycling

Our facilities have the capability to process over 500,000 assets per year.  

SPW understands the challenges that organizations face when dealing with the disposal of IT equipment, particularly for enterprises that operate in different countries and regions. Faced with complex geographical, systemic, and procedural variables, we will work closely with you to tailor specific solutions to meet your needs.

How We Work

Step 1: Audit and Inspection

Congratulations! You've determined to retire your unused IT assets. Once you've scheduled a meeting with one of our representatives, we will work closely with you on the following:

  1. 1
    Logistics and Decommissioning
  2. 2
    IT Asset Audit
  3. 3
    Mobile Device Audit
  4. 4
    Ascertaining Security Risks and Procedures

Step 2: Security Services

Once we've audited your IT assets, we can now move to the secure decommissioning process. That includes taking extra precautionary steps.

We have security procedures in place against threats that might harm your brand's reputationWe'll discuss this detail in private.

Step 3: Accreditation

We'll supply you with full audit reports and documentation. This includes tailored reports needed by your Head of Departments. Should your Finance or Compliance team need specific contracts, we've got that ready too.

Step 4: Adaptive Green Solutions

You can choose from a range of sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for your retired IT assets. Here's an example:

  1. 1
    Recycling for 'Beyond Economic Repair' Equipment
  2. 2
    IT Asset Remarketing
  3. 3
    Employee Buyback Programmes
  4. 4
    IT Asset Donation and Deployment Programmes
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Certificates & Commitment

  • Certificates & Compliance

  • Environmental Commitment

  • Social Responsibility

NAID Member


National Association for Information Destruction

blancco itad gold partner


Gold Partner for Secure Data Erasure

WipeDrive Enterprise (PRNewsFoto/WhiteCanyon Software)

wipe drive

Security Software for Permanent Deletion

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ISO 9001

Quality Management System

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ISO 14001

Effective Environmental Management System

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ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety

Other Services

There are 2 methods to remove data from IT devices. Learn why you shouldn't take the easy way out with your personal and high-risk data.

Auditing can be daunting and overwhelming. Let us help you audit your IT assets either on-site at your premise or off-site at our facilities.

Our goal is to refurbish and recycle used IT equipment safely. All while protecting your company data and the environment.

Moving across city, state, or country lines? We can get it done for you safely and securely from rack-to-rack. 

Want to do your part for the community? We'll help you achieve your CSR goals while ensuring your equipment are safe to deploy.

Every phase in IT lifecycle management comes with its associated risks. We have stringent measures in place for each critical juncture.

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