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SPW is Asia’s leading data erasure and secure data destruction service provider.

Why take unnecessary risks?

Protect your data with SPW’s secure data destruction services.

Our services are powered by the world-class Blancco Data Erasure Solution.

Delete. Degauss. Destroy.

The 3 key steps towards secure data destruction and IT asset disposal.

SPW uses the best-in-class solutions to erase and sanitise your IT assets securely.

Attackers are always on the lookout for your data.

Dispose off your old IT assets securely without leaving a trace.

SPW offers exceptional solutions for ethical and secure IT asset disposal compliant with global security standards.

Secure Data Destruction

Did You Know That 2.5 Billion Gigabytes Of Data Are Generated Every Day?

The incredible volume of data being generated every day effectively increases the cost of a data breach. This makes it more important than ever to securely sanitize data and IT assets that you no longer need.

What Is Secure Data Destruction?

In today’s digital age, data has become a priceless commodity. Businesses, large and small, rely on data every hour of every day in order to run their operations smoothly. It is, therefore, no wonder that they go to great lengths to take the utmost care to protect the integrity and security of their business data.

However, most organisations face a substantial challenge when it comes to managing their data and IT assets that are nearing the end of their lifespan. As you can imagine, computer hardware, equipment, and devices such as laptops, hard drives, and servers will eventually become outdated at some point or the other.

The process of managing the disposal of such IT assets and the associated data while ensuring its utmost safety and security is of paramount importance. If you’re not careful, you might expose yourself to the risks of data breaches and data theft.

SPW’s Secure Data Destruction Services

Our secure data destruction services will ensure that any data on your devices for disposal is rendered completely irretrievable by anyone who happens to come in their possession. We destroy the data completely that makes it impossible for anyone to recover.

We combine three techniques for the shredding of data devices that enable 100% secure destruction of your confidential data. Our onsite services will alleviate all your concerns relating to the safety and security of your data.

Data Erasure

Powered by Blancco, the world’s best and most secure solution for data deletion, we can permanently and verifiably erase your data. We store deletion records of each device, fully compliant with global security standards, and maintain documented proof for audit compliance.


Degaussing is a process of data destruction through the disruption of the magnetic field in a storage drive or disk. We use a powerful magnetic field to purge the data from these devices permanently so that they are rendered completely irrecoverable. Once done, we transport the degaussed devices to a secure location for recycling.

Physical Destruction

Our IT asset disposal specialists use highly-specialized equipment for the shredding of hard drives or other data storage devices to render them completely unusable and the data in them, irretrievable. Once the process is complete, we transport these devices to our facilities for recycling in a scientific and environmentally-responsible way.

Why Choose SPW’s Data Disposal And Secure Data Destruction Services?

✓ We guarantee your peace of mind when you dispose or repurpose your IT assets and data.

✓ Our secure data destruction and data disposal services ensure that every last trace of your sensitive data is destroyed.

✓  We safeguard your data against breaches and thefts while ensuring compliance with global safety and security standards.

✓  Our best-in-class Blancco Data Erasure Solution can erase data from hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) as well as LUNs and virtual machines (VMs) in their entirety.

✓  We offer services that are compliant with PCI DSS, ISO, HIPAA, NIST, SOX and other global regulatory standards so that your data is disposed of ethically.

✓  Our multiple facilities across Asia and our onsite services will make data disposal seem like less of an ordeal and more of a convenience to you.

✓  Recycling is a crucial aspect of our services that ensures that your retired and old IT assets do not end up harming the environment in any way.

About SPW

Founded in 2001, SPW is a holistic solutions provider for the secure disposal, recycling, and reuse of computer hardware, devices, and data. As a leading IT asset lifecycle management company in Asia, our clients rely on us for the secure and environment-friendly disposal of their IT assets.

Powered by the best-in-class Blancco Data Erasure Solution, SPW makes the process of secure data destruction simple and hassle-free for you. You can choose to dispose of your confidential data and assets whenever and wherever you prefer.

Our largest processing center is located in Kuala Lumpur, with a full range of IT Asset and Data Disposal & Secure Data Destruction capabilities that can cater to the demands of any large corporation or government entity. Besides our facilities, we also offer secure data destruction and data disposal services onsite.

Our customers trust us 100% when it comes to permanently disposing of their sensitive data and IT assets while making sure that they don’t harm the environment.

Our Services

Secure Data Destruction

SPW’s secure data destruction services ensures that your data is sanitized and disposed of securely while avoiding any risks of leakages or data breach.

IT Asset Disposal

Our team of IT asset disposal specialists are capable of understanding your needs fully while managing the secure disposal of your IT assets that have reached the end of their lifespan.

IT Asset Management

Our extensive experience in working with businesses of various sizes makes us the perfect partner in helping you manage the overall lifecycle of your IT assets.

IT Asset Relocation & Redeployment

Tailored to suit businesses of every size, SPW’s IT Asset Relocation and Redeployment solutions can help you streamline your IT infrastructure and embrace the latest technological developments.

IT Asset Donation & Deployment

SPW assists companies looking to make a contribution to the underserved communities through our IT Asset Donation & Deployment service.

IT Asset Lease Management

We offer IT Asset Leasing as a cost-effective solution for businesses to reduce their spend on IT infrastructure and implement a Standard Desktop Operating Environment.


Founded in 2001, SPW is a holistic solutions provider for the disposal, recycling and reuse of computers and electronic devices. As the leading IT asset lifecycle management company in Asia, our clients rely on us for secure and environmentally-responsible disposal of their IT assets.

Our Facility

Our largest processing facility is located in Kuala Lumpur, with a full range of IT Asset Disposal & Secure Data Sanitization capabilities that can cater to the demands of any large corporation or government entity.

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