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secure Data Destruction &
IT Asset Lifecycle Solutions

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Our reach spans across the globe through our networks of partners and vendors. Wherever your business is based, you can leverage our worldwide network and we would be happy to assist you throughout your ITAD journey.

  • Malaysia: +603 9212 7496 
  • Singapore: +65 6 817 3260
  • Thailand: +66 6000 35695
  • Hong Kong: +852 580 16780

why we do it

We are driven to help Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle global IT waste

As an independent facility, we're here to do our part to help you conserve your resources and cut waste disposal costs while reducing pollution and trash landfills.


Your IT assets don't have to be a financial risk. You can reduce your data breach probability and material footprint by choosing green solutions.


Not all IT equipment is broken. You can gain buyback value for your IT assets or safely repurpose them for your business needs.


When it comes to your 'Beyond Economic Repair' assets, our ISO-certified downstream partners ensure they're disposed of safely. 

Tailored Services for you and your Business

Erase & Destroy Data

There are 2 methods to remove data from IT devices. They're called Data Destruction and Data Erasure. Here's why you shouldn't take the easy way out with your personal and high-risk data.

IT Asset Auditing

Auditing can be daunting and overwhelming. Let us help you audit your IT assets either on-site at your premise or off-site at our facilities. 

IT Asset Disposal

You can call it disposal or disposition; we're not into semantics. Our goal is to refurbish and recycle used IT equipment. All the while protecting the environment and of course your company data.

IT Asset Remarketing

Gain value from your used IT equipment. Our remarketing strategy aims to meet market prices allowing us to offer you a more accurate estimate. That's one way to keep your budget committee happy.

Relocation & Deployment

If you're moving across city lines or country borders, our team of expert movers will help you every step of the way. It's not just door-to-door service, we're getting it done from rack-to-rack.

Donation & Deployment

Allow us to help you achieve your CSR goals. Rest assured we'll vet the beneficiary before deployment. We take these services seriously so it reaches the communities who really need them.

Security Solutions

Every phase in IT lifecycle management comes with its associated risks. To manage these, we have stringent measures in place for each critical juncture. Here's how we plan to mitigate them.

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Your equipment is safe with us

  • High Valuation

  • Security

  • Reputation

  • One Contact

  • Green Solution

Higher Asset Valuation

As a global remarketer of IT equipment, we are able to extract the best value for our clients. Learn the best times to re-market your used IT equipment and how you can plan ahead with your IT asset valuation.

how we are different

We've been there too, so we know what works

Our clients have benefited from our experience because we know the industry in-and-out. Partnering with us means you'll meet environmental and compliance laws. You'll also be able to contribute your used IT resources to those in need.

  • Certificates & Compliance

  • Environmental Commitment

  • Social Responsibility

NAID Member


National Association for Information Destruction

blancco itad gold partner


Gold Partner for Secure Data Erasure

WipeDrive Enterprise (PRNewsFoto/WhiteCanyon Software)

wipe drive

Security Software for Permanent Deletion

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ISO 9001

Quality Management System

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ISO 14001

Effective Environmental Management System

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ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety

Why choose SPW as your IT asset management partner?

  • We guarantee you peace of mind when you dispose or repurpose your IT assets and data.
  • Our secure data destruction and data disposal services ensure that every last trace of your sensitive data is destroyed.
  • We safeguard your data against breaches and thefts while ensuring compliance with global safety and security standards.
  • Our best-in-class partnership with Blancco Data Erasure Solution and WipeDrive Security Software can erase data from hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) as well as LUNs and virtual machines (VMs) in their entirety.
  • We offer services that are compliant with PCI DSS, ISO, HIPAA, NIST, SOX and other global regulatory standards so that your data is disposed of ethically.
  • Our multiple facilities across Asia and our onsite services will make data disposal seem like less of an ordeal and more of a convenience to you.
  • Recycling is a crucial aspect of our services that ensures that your retired and old IT assets do not end up harming the environment in any way.

Did you know that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day?

Social media today & techjury

To put that into perspective, 1 byte is 0.001 kilobyte while 1 quintillion has 18 zeroes. That's a lot of data. We all rely on our devices to store our sensitive information but it also contains a ton of unusable data. All of which increases the long-term risks if a data breach were to happen to your IT equipment. Consider doing an audit of your data archive and have a plan in place for your IT asset's lifecycle.

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