How Do You Handle Servers, Laptops, and IT Equipment Moving?

How Do You Handle Servers, Laptops, and IT Equipment Moving?

By Marcus Ho

February 18, 2021

A growing business will sometimes need to move for different growth reasons. Moving IT equipment is a challenging task and carries several risks if not handled properly. Equipment could be lost, and the data in it could become corrupted. Planning well is crucial in moving IT resources to avoid pitfalls that may lead to halting business operations.

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When do You Need to do IT Relocation?

There are several instances that a business needs to move its IT resources in business growth:

Access Larger Physical Space

A business may move to a larger space to accommodate more resources. These resources include IT equipment like servers and computers. It also allows deployment of more personnel workstations.  

Operate in a Better Business Environment

In a globally competitive environment, a business may be compelled to move to an area where the business environment is most favorable. It could be to enjoy lower taxes or tax exemption. A business can also move to avoid a hostile political environment, in case of upheavals or unfair targeting.

Access to Better Resources 

It is common for businesses to move to jurisdictions where there is better access to resources. If you are mining cryptocurrencies, for example, you want a location where power is cheapest possible. Technical skills are also a major influence in moving decisions. A business can move to India, for example, to enjoy a higher IT pool at an affordable rate.

What Are the Risks in Moving IT Equipment?

There are several risks to the hardware itself and the data stored on this equipment:

Loss of Equipment 

Assorted IT equipment can get misplaced or lost when moving. Smaller items like thumb drives, mice, and keyboards are at a higher risk of misplacing rather than theft. But larger equipment like laptops is valuable and can be a target for theft if you have an unscrupulous moving company. The problem is that theft of computers and servers implies loss of the data in these machines. 

Equipment Damage 

Fragile equipment like LED monitors can damage easily if not handled properly. Even servers and computers can suffer water damage if not properly sealed when moving. Damaged equipment presents a challenge in data recovery. 

Data Loss 

Data loss can happen in two ways. Failure to do data backup when powering down the system leads to losing unsaved data. The second type of data loss is where data storage media is lost. This second type of data loss presents a more serious risk to your business because unauthorized access to your data has wide-reaching implications. You could stare at a data breach after losing a thumb drive or external hard drive. 

What Can You Do to Mitigate These Risks?

Hiring a professional and competent IT asset relocation and redeployment service is the best option when moving IT equipment. There are several reasons you need a professional service on the job:

Data destruction and Certification

If you have obsolete or redundant equipment that is not moving, you need to destroy the data stored in this equipment. Secure data destruction ensures that this data is inaccessible by unauthorized parties. It protects your business from threats data breach of client information. It also prevents loss of confidential business information like product development data. 

Inventory Management and Asset Removal

A professional moving service has perfected moving, so they know how to do proper inventory to help account for each item when moving. A service who is conversant with moving IT equipment is better skilled at disassembly,  and then assembly at the new site. 

Planning and Logistics 

You will need to process assorted paperwork if you are transferring IT equipment across international borders. You must be conversant with different import regulations, including restricted equipment type and age. 

You must plan for the means of moving; ship, air or vehicle. All these hassles are better handled by people who are qualified in that line of work. It saves you time and money to leave professionals to do their job. 

Equipment Disposal 

What will you do with obsolete equipment? You need a disposal plan which adheres with existing environmental regulations. You could leave this task to the company handling the data destruction. After certifying that equipment is completely sanitized, the disposal service can decide to recycle the equipment in an environmentally-friendly fashion.  

Why Do You Need Secure Data destruction? 

Data destruction is one of the most important tasks in information security in a business. It has a very crucial role in helping the business avoid critical threats:

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Prevent Loss of Private Information

Your business holds crucial Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of both clients and employees. PII includes names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, passport details, credit card details and other confidential information. 

Malicious actors are always on the hunt for PII for nefarious activities like credit card theft and bank fraud. Identity theft is the biggest use for leaked personal data. Besides fraud, criminals can impersonate the owner of the PII and apply for credit services and loans. They could even carry out terrorist activities using the stolen PII.

Your business is at a risk of great penalties when it leaks personal data. Privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have placed higher penalties for negligent handling of personal data. This law, for example, penalizes a business  20 million Euros or 4% of the annual business revenues.  

Protect Your Business Network 

There is a lot of metadata on your network on obsolete equipment. This data can be used by hackers to map your network for attack. They will know who is who in the business, their email addresses, email formats and so on. They can use this information for direct hacking attacks or phishing attacks. 

Protect Your Business Brand 

Information security is very crucial in maintaining a solid image of your brand. Clients want to feel their data remain confidential and secure. This is more so in sensitive industries such as banking and health. Secure data destruction ensures that data left in obsolete equipment remains inaccessible.  

Why Use Data Destruction Services?

Secure data destruction is too crucial to leave it in the hands of untrained people. Deleting data is not the same as data destruction. Data destruction goes a step further by making data completely inaccessible to unauthorized parties. A professional data destruction service is better placed to handle this task because:

  • They are better resourced. A data destruction service has the technicians who understand how data storage media work and how to destroy data in each type. They also have specialized equipment like degaussers, which are unavailable to ordinary business owners. 
  • They can provide certification. If your industry regulations need you to show that data destruction has been done, a professional service can show a certificate of data destruction. 

Moving IT equipment like laptops and servers is a challenging task, with different risks to the equipment and data. Engaging a professional service to do IT asset relocation is the best way of mitigating these risks. A service that can also do data destruction provides a better package. They can make moving smooth, safe, and help you settle at the new destination faster and resume operations in a shorter time. 

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