Causes of Data Breach

Causes of Data Breach

By adsmin

February 12, 2018

Every employer fears a data breach. Protecting data and customer details has become the most integral part of Companies. However, because of smallest mistake or negligence this highly confidential data is breached and thus affects the companies cost and reputation. Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate and so the companies should take strong steps to secure their data.

Today what’s more important is to consider what are the causes of this data breach and how can we avoid them. By understanding these points all the Companies will have the ability to fabricate specific defence mechanism. These common causes are as follows.

Internal Cause

Internal Cause comprises of two main categories which include Intentional and second is Accidental cause. Accidental cause means the one in which employee accidentally sends the Companies details on wrong Email ID or accidentally dispose of the asset without removing the data.

Intentional Cause means the one in which the Employees intentionally disclose the sensitive data for personal gain. In both the cases companies suffers and thus such causes can be avoided by creating awareness related to security protocol amongst the employees.

Scanty Security Control

Many Companies are unintentionally guilty of using the obsolete security controls. For Example, using the weak passwords, allowing employees to use their private laptops or computers for work. Inadequate security system in the Employees Computers and Laptops. All these inappropriate methods aggravate the chances of data breach which can exploit the Company and its brand. In order to improve the Companies security, we recommend incorporating stricter password and policies for access.

Application & Operating system

Sometimes Companies does not realise that using the outdated software versions or internet can give invitation to hackers for exploiting Companies Data. The Companies should understand that as the technology is advancing so these hackers have become more advance in their hacking techniques. Therefore, Companies should make sure that Employees are not using outdated software’s or browsers and for that continues tracking and monitoring is required.

External Cause

External Causes are nothing but the hackers who uses advance technology to breach Companies data. These hackers should not be taken lightly as time and again it has been proven that the most advanced security protocol do not stand a chance in front of these hackers. In 2017 several major organisations, including Uber has suffered from this.

While the threat of organised cyber crime is ever-present, every business can take certain steps to prevent these attacks or reduce their impact. These steps include:

  • Establishing security protocols for preventing malware, hacking and ransomware attacks, including policies on safe email use and strong passwords
  • Regularly updating antivirus definitions and firewall safeguards
  • Safely disposing of used IT assets by using a professional, accredited asset disposal service

Such planned attacks are common enough for businesses of all sizes to sit up and take note. While some attacks are deliberately mastermind, others are opportunistic, with malware and ransomware spreading virally through emails and choosing their victims indiscriminately. A strong internal security system is vital for any business that wants to protect their sensitive information from attacks by hackers.

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