IT Asset Relocation

Businesses are embracing developments in technology and streamlining their IT infrastructure through the relocation and consolidation of their IT assets and data centres. Particularly in multi-phase projects that involve the migration and/or consolidation of data centre(s) spanning different locations, engaging an IT asset relocation or redeployment specialist can help IT managers to mitigate risks and prevent disruptions that are associated with such projects.

SPW provides a holistic set of solutions, tailored to suit the needs of SMBs, large enterprises or government institutions in the key areas of:

Inventory Management
Asset Removal
Planning & Logistics
Data Destruction & Certification
IT Asset Remarketing & Resale
Environmentally-friendly Recycling & Disposal

Other Services

IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Management

Secure Data Destruction

IT Asset Donation & Deployment

IT Asset Lease Management