Secure IT Asset Disposal

SPW specialises in the secure disposal of retired IT assets.
All IT assets are disposed ethically while maintaining compliance
with global data security standards.


Blancco Data Erasure

SPW is proud to use Blancco Certified Data Erasure Solutions.
Blancco is considered the most secure and
environmentally-friendly data sanitization solution.


Repurpose and Recycle

According to Gartner, up to 30% of an IT budget could be saved by
effective management of the lifecycle of IT Assets.
Let SPW take care of your IT Asset Management and Disposal needs.

Secure Data Destruction

IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Relocation

IT Asset Donation & Deployment

IT Asset Lease Management



Founded in 2001, SPW is a holistic solutions provider for the disposal, recycling and reuse of computers and electronic devices. As the leading IT asset lifecycle management company in Asia, our clients rely on us for secure and environmentally-responsible disposal of their IT assets.

Our Facility

Our largest processing facility is located in Kuala Lumpur, with a full range of IT Asset Disposal & Secure Data Sanitization capabilities that can cater to the demands of any large corporation or government entity.


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